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Chief Suzanne Themens is retiring after 43 years of public service.

Suzanne Themens, Chef de la Force policière de Grand-Sault

GRAND FALLS, February 27, 2024 – Grand Falls Police Force Chief Suzanne Themens has announced to the municipality's administration and members of the force that she will be retiring next spring.

When she leaves, Chief Themens will have accumulated no less than 43 years of public service within a police force. She has served in Edmundston, Fredericton with the Royal Canadian Mounted Police and finally Grand Falls since 1995. Suzanne Themens became the first female chief of the Grand Falls Police Force in 2017.


"Chief Themens has led the Police Force through a tumultuous time for society in general and the police in particular, in challenging circumstances such as a global pandemic and increasing police responsibility during social interventions. We thank her for the leadership she has shown throughout her career, with a focus on public safety and operational continuity in our municipality," shared Grand Falls Regional Municipality’ CAO, Eric Gagnon.


"On behalf of the Grand Falls Regional Municipality, I would like to wish Chief Themens all the best in her retirement, and to thank her for all her years of dedicated service to our community, and for the commitment and dedication she has brought to the men and women of the Grand Falls Police Force," said Bertrand Beaulieu, Mayor of the Grand Falls Regional Municipality.


Chief Themens was awarded the Queen Elizabeth II Platinum Jubilee Medal, last year, in recognition of her years of service to a police organization, but also for her involvement in the development of active and sustainable communities through the establishment of a bond of trust between the police and citizens.


The Grand Falls Regional Municipality will soon be taking steps to find a successor to Chief Themens, who will remain in her position until a suitable transition can be made for members of the police force.




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