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No Mow May

GRAND FALLS, May 2, 2023 - During the month of May, residents of the Grand Falls Regional Municipality are invited to let their lawns grow to join the "No Mow May" movement.

The goal of "No Mower May" is to suspend mowing during the month of May to allow pollinating insects to get their first source of pollen and nectar at the beginning of the season.

In support of the movement, the Regional Municipality of Grand Falls has identified sites across the municipality that will not be mowed to provide this food source for bees and other pollinators.

  1. Plot next to the Grand Falls Curling Club (Victoria Street)

  2. Municipal land (Evangeline Street)

  3. Plot around the Grand Falls Water Tower (intersection of Evangeline and Theriault Streets)

  4. Parcel around the water tower in Grand Falls (Harley Hill Street)

  5. Well #5 lot and Bocce Ball Park (Main Street)

  6. Drummond warehouse lot (Tobique Street)

  7. Soccer field in Drummond (behind the school)

  8. Municipal garage in Saint-André (Levesque Road)

  9. Youth Park in Drummond (Des Jeunes Street)

The community is invited to do the same, to allow pollinators to have access to abundant food during the dandelion flowering period.

Contest! No Mower May Challenge with Feu Vert /Green Light

Feu Vert/Green Light is running a contest in which residents of the Grand Falls Regional Municipality who refrain from mowing their lawn for the month of May can win baskets of delicious goodies from local producers ... and all of the products relate to our precious pollinators!

To take part in the contest, residents are asked to post a photo of their unmowed lawns on Facebook, using the hashtag #FVLG2023. Follow them on Facebook!

For more information about the "No Mow May" movement, see the document below prepared by Feu Vert/Green Light.

Download PDF • 209KB


Infos et demandes d’entrevues :

France Le Moignan, Directrice développement économique et marketing


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