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Land Use Planning

The service is offered inclusively to citizens who reside within the boundaries of the Grand Falls Regional Municipality. This department processes applications for development, construction and renovation permits. It also handles all files related to zoning and subdivision.

In addition, it offers a 911 number service for public security purposes.

Whether it is for a weekend project or a job that will take several weeks to complete, please ensure that you respect the regulations in effect and that you have the necessary information or permits to complete your project.

Land use maps
Plans & Zoning By-law

* The Grand Falls Regional Municipality is currently developing a new municipal plan and zoning by-law for its entire territory.

Building permits

Some construction and development projects require a permit from the Land and Use Department. Please contact the Land and Use Department before applying for a permit so that you have all the information needed for your application.

Why do you need a permit?

The Grand Falls Regional Municipality requires that constructions meet health, safety and property protection standards as regulated by the National Building Code of Canada and all civic by-laws. Constructions should create structures in which it is safe to live and work. This should be carried out in a manner that maintains or improves property values. You must demonstrate that your construction will meet these requirements before a permit is issued.

Who should apply and where for the permit?

The owner or agent should apply in person for a building permit at the Land Use Planning Department. Discuss this with your contractor.

Projects that require a Building Permit:

  • All new Industrial and Commercial including renovations and additions.

  • Construction of a new home.

  • Addition to an existing home, whether it is a new room, carport, garage or sundeck, add dormers or roof over existing sundeck.

  • Excavation to provide a full basement or install weeping or drain tile.

  • Alter and construct new interior partitions.

  • Install new chimney, do electrical or plumbing work.

  • Replacement of siding, windows and doors.

  • Change the use to or from a single family from or to multi-family.

  • Home occupation in a home, or change of use in commercial for a convenience store or law office to or from beauty salon, medical office etc.

  • Erect signs either freestanding or fascia,

  • Industrial and commercial roofing.

  • Erect accessory buildings (shed, garage).

Projects that do not require a building Permit:

  • Re-shingle a roof (residential only).

  • Interior finish work (flooring,trims,paint,wallpaper)

  • Landscaping around building.

  • Installation of kitchen and bathroom cabinets.

  • Repair of existing chimney.

What information is required?

  • Your mailing address, telephone number.

  • Location and address of proposed worksite.

  • Surveyor plan of property or copy of deed

  • Department of Environment or Health approval certificate if required, where there are no services available.

  • New construction or addition - you will need a full set of plans to scale showing all sections and cross-sections with details of work to be done.

  • All renovation,

  • Repair or replace, deck or steps, fence, swimming pool, tents,

  • Change of use (occupancy), demolition and signs may require plans.

When is the seal of an architect or professional engineer required?

All plans and specifications provided in a building permit application shall be certified under the seal of an architect or professional engineer registered or licensed to practice in the province of New Brunswick where the work involves the  construction of, or addition to, a building which exceeds 600 square meters in building area or three stories in building height or is used for assembly, institutional, and high-hazard industrial occupancies.

Planning Advisory Committee

A new committee will soon be formed to represent the territory of the Grand Falls Regional Municipality.

The PAC is a working group established under the New Brunswick Community Planning Act.  Its mandate is to:


  • To advise Council on community planning matters

  • To exercise quasi-judicial powers as provided in the Community Planning Act with respect to by-laws and regulations effective within the City (e.g. make decisions on variance, terms and conditions, rulings of compatibility, temporary use, and non-conforming use applications, etc.).


Composition of the PAC

  • 2 resident citizens - Drummond Ward

  • 3 citizen residents - Grand Falls North and South Ward

  • 2 citizen residents - Saint-André Ward

  • 1 citizen resident - Portage Ward

  • Assisted by the Land Use Department staff


This committee meets once a month in a regular evening session. The term of office for each citizen-member is from 1 to 3 years.

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