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Tourism Accomodation Levy in Grand Falls

What is it?

A Tourism Accommodation Levy provides a sustainable source of funding for the marketing and promotion of the tourism sector. The Tourism Accommodation Levy is set at 3.5 % to be added on the purchase price of tourism accommodations in the Grand Falls Regional Municipality.

On June, 2023, the Grand Falls Regional Municipality adopted By-law D-7 relating Tourism Accommodation Levy in Grand Falls.

Collection by Operators

Operators shall collect the levy from the pruchase at the time the accomodation is purchased and shall remit the levy to the Municipality at the prescribed times and ine the prescribed manner as set forth in this by-law.

Tourism Accommodation Levy Remittance Report


(Do not include stays of 30+ days)


Please mail your cheque to:

Grand Falls Regional Municipality

131 Pleasant Street, Suite 200

Grand Falls, NB

E3Z 1 J3

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