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Community Grandioses

The Grand Falls Regional Municipality wishes to express its appreciation for its outstanding citizens. The Recognition of Community Grandioses policy aims to recognize three groups of people.

The Grand Falls Regional Municipality commits to:

  • Monthly recognition of up to two volunteers from the municipality during public meetings who have distinguished themselves through their serivce to others.

  • Recognize an ambassador or hero during a public meeting when appropriate. A summary of their achievements will be presented.


Council members are responsible for identifying deserving volunteers, ambassadors and heroes, and the community is also invited to submit names by filling out the nomination form.

*The masculine form used below includes women, men and non-binary individuals. The masculine gender is used without discrimination for the purpose of the text simplification.



Definition: Any individual, regardless of age, who freely offers their time, energy, and skills to a cause or activity that enriches the lives of their fellow citizens in the Grand Falls Regional Municipality. This policy also encompasses volunteers working with external organizations that provide services to the municipality's residents.

The Grand Falls Regional Municipality wishes to pay tribute to individuals who stand out through their volunteer work. They graciously contribute their time and expertise to carry out activities and provide community's population. These citizens wholeheartedly support the development of our municipality by dedicating numerous hours to serving their peers.



Definition: Any individual, team or group whose achievements reach the provincial, national, or international level and contribute to the reputation of the municipality. Recognized individuals must either reside in the Grand Falls Regional Municipality or be native to it.

Many citizens make their mark at the provincial, national, and international levels, thus contributing to the global recognition of the Grand Falls Regional Municipality. According to this initiative, the municipality not only wants to acknowledge the extraordinary achievements of these individuals, teams, or groups but also wants to thank them for being worthy representatives of the Grand Falls Regional Municipality.



Definition: An individual who stands out for his bravery, his actions, or his role in a precarious situation, and whose intervention has made a significant difference.

Some citizens occasionally perform acts of heroism. Through their actions, these individuals save lives and prevent unfortunate events. The municipality wishes to recognize this extra effort.

Nomination Form

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Grandioses 2024

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