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211 Service

Do you know the 211 service?

211 is the primary source of information on non-clinical community and government health and social services in Canada. This free, confidential service is available 24 hours a day, in over 150 languages, by phone, chat, text message and website. 211 provides information and confident referrals to the services and resources that can help you.

Call 211 to find community services, such as:

  • Non-emergency police number

  • Food banks

  • Walk-in Clinic

  • Alzheimer Support

  • Help for mental health

  • Meals on wheels

  • Emergency shelters for the homeless

  • Services for victims of domestic violence

  • Public Health

  • Telehealth NB

  • Crisis Services

  • Provincial and local help line numbers

  • Settlement assistance for newcomers

  • Housing assistance centers

  • Walk-in program for youth

  • Counseling for children, youth and families

  • Emergency Assistance for Utilities

  • Understand what government service could help or assist

  • Disability Support Programs

  • Parenting Programs

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