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Payment of bills

Water and sewer

According to By-law P-1, a by-law concerning water and sewer services, billing for water and electricity service.

will be done as follows:

  1. The amount required will be due and payable on the last day of each month.

  2. ​ In all cases where any amount is overdue (for example: a tariff, royalty, user fee, connection fee, rental or imposed penalty or other), the Grand Falls Regional Municipalitywill then have to add an interest charge for non-payment amounting to 1.5% per month or 18% per year.

  3. All amounts due hereunder are due monthly.  The Municipality will only be responsible for issuing a quarterly statement of account.


In addition, to serve you better, the Grand Falls Regional Municipality  a range of payment methods such as:

  • Money;

  • Check;

  • Post-dated cheques;

  • Pre-authorized payments;

  • Interac; Visa, Mastercard

  • Service New Brunswick;

  • Online

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