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Garbage & Recycling

The Grand Falls Regional Municipality works closely with the Northwest Regional Service Commission (NWRSC) to provide an efficient waste and recycling collection service.

Collections times

The collections of household waste and recyclable materials are done at different times for each ward of the municipality. 

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The Province of New Brunswick has recently signed an agreement with Circular Materials for province-wide recycling management, effective May 1, 2024. The updated schedule and details of the materials to be recycled will be shared with you as soon as the municipality receives the information from Circular Materials.



You can click on the link below to access your personalized collection schedule:

You can also download the NWRSC ReCollect app to your smart phones. This application will allow you to view the collection calendar as well as receive notifications, so you don't miss the collection day!

Arrangement of leaves, branches and other...

Leaves, branches, tires, metal and cardboard can be brought to the municipal garage at 131 Industrial Road in Grand Falls. A bin is available for residence owners.

Recycling Program

Preparation steps for recycling
  • To save space, flatten all boxes before dropping in the bin.

  • Rinse all containers with your dishwater in order to save water.

  • It is not necessary to remove the paper covering the tin cans.

  • Leave lids and caps on containers when they have a recycling symbol; put in the trash does that do not have the recycling symbols accepted in our program.

  • Remove plastic handles and metal openings on cardboard boxes. They are not recyclable.

Do not...
  • Do not put plastic bags, nor biodegradable or compostable bags in the blue bins because they could contaminate the recycling cycle.

  • Do not put glass containers in the blue bins.

  • Do not leave recyclables outside the bins. Rain and snow make them unusable.

Redeemable Beverage Containers

For redeemable beverage containers (bottles, cans, etc.), you have 2 choices:

  • You may bring them to a redemption centre.

  • You may drop them in your blue bin.

Accepted and Not Accepted Materials in Blue Bins

To determine if a product is recyclable, you can refer to the symbol found on many products and packaging. The Möbius ribbon is the international symbol for recycling which indicates that the product can be recycled and also that it can be made from recycled materials, as indicated by the percentage written in the center of the ribbon.

We also find the Möbius strip under most plastic containers with a number that tells us if the container can be recycled. In the North-West, it is the containers inplastic nos 1, 2, 3, 5 and 7 which can be recycled. THE#6 plastics are NOT recyclablein this region.

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Still a doubt? Check out the tool "Let's sort it out" of the CSRNO which will tell you how to get rid of the materials you no longer want.

Paper & cardboard accepted
  • Telephone directories

  • Boxes of frozen food (unwaxed)

  • Corrugated boxes (shipping boxes)

  • Flat cartons (cereal boxes, tissue boxes, egg cartons)

  • Catalogs and magazines

  • Flyers and advertising inserts

  • Envelopes (with or without window)

  • Newspapers

  • Books

  • Shredded paper (placed in small tied clear bags)

  • Paper and brown bags

  • Letter, office, printer paper

Plastic & Metal accepted
  • Plastics nos. 1, 2, 3, 5 and 7

  • Aluminum items (clean plates and paper)

  • Tin cans (leave the paper around)

  • Juice boxes (without straw)

  • Plastic cans and bottles (beer, soft drink, water, juice)

  • Metal pans

  • Food containers (ice cream, margarine, yogurt)

  • Milk containers (cardboard and plastic, including soy milk, almond milk)

  • Containers of household cleaning products (bleach, soap)

  • Tetra Pak containers

  • Containers for personal care (hand cream, shampoo)

  • Metal lids

Materials not accepted
  • Packaging composed of several materials (container of Pringles chips, bags of animal food)

  • Fabric softener sheets

  • Single-use coffee cup (ex. Tim Horton coffee cup)

  • carbon paper

  • Gift wrapping paper and ribbon

  • Paper towel and tissue paper

  • Waxed paper or cardboard

  • photo paper

  • All soiled materials (pizza boxes, baby diapers, cat litter)

  • Vegetation (branches, leaves, clippings)

  • Plastics nos. 4 and 6 (number shown in recycling symbol) 

  • Plastic bottle caps (without recycling symbol)

  • Schoolbags

  • Cellophane or plastic wrap

  • Plastic hangers (holders)

  • Pressure vessels

  • Granola or chocolate bar packaging

  • Construction materials (wood, mineral wool, vinyl)

  • Rigid plastic objects (lawn chairs)

  • Hazardous products (aerosols, bulbs, oil, paint, batteries)

  • Bags in cereal boxes

  • Bags of crisps

  • Plastic bags or biodegradable bags

  • Styrofoam (food trays, plates, glasses)

  • Pool liners

  • Tubes of toothpaste or cosmetic products

  • plastic utensils

  • Glass (returnable, food jars, Pyrex, etc.)

Additonal information regarding materials that are not recycled in the blue bins

Gilbert M. Rioux et Filsm Ltd.

53 Beaulieu Street, Grand Falls


Certain electrical and computer materials, clean plastic bags, food-grade glass jars, bottles, canes, juice containers, etc.

D. & N. Metals

30 Kelly Road, Grand Falls




Northwest Sanitation

29 Waddell Loo, Grand Falls


Appliances (no charge), iron (no charge), cardboard (no charge).

Northwest Regional Service Commission

249 Clément Roy Rd, Montagne-de-la-Croix, Rivière-Verte



Household appliances (free of charge)

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