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Request for proposals - Marina site

Request number 03-03-2023

The Grand Falls Regional Municipality will be receiving proposal offers for the rental and use of the marine site (building and adjacent land), situated at 499 McCormick Street in Grand Falls, New Brunswick.

The building, built in 2004, measures 4,000 sq. feet total for two floors and is standing next to the St. John River on a lot zoned Institutional. Building contains full kitchen and lounge services on main floor.

The services offered in close proximity to the building are NB Trails walking / biking and snowmobile trail, a marina and family park.

The municipality maintains the building as per a signed rental agreement as well as the lawn in the Summer but does not clear snow in the Winter. The building is offered as is. Any necessary renovations to accommodate the new proposed must be approved by the Grand Falls Council prior to being done and clearly defined in an agreement between the two parties.

This proposal should provide:

  1. an outline of the proposed project and use of the building;

  2. the name of the lead contact person and contact information;

  3. a description of your team and/or partners;

  4. a list of resources including funding and expertise;

  5. amount of rent per month offered, tax excluded;

  6. be typed, clear and concise.

Proposal review will be based on the following criteria:

  1. Submission of a business plan (40)

  2. Feasibility of the project (30)

  3. Type of service offered (20)

  4. Rental offered (10)

Requests for proposals must be submitted by email to no later than Friday, March 17, 2023, at 4:30 p.m.


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