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A new digital tourist circuit

Bertrabd Beaulieu, maire de Grand-Sault

With the summer tourist season well underway, the Grand Falls Regional Municipality is proud to offer visitors and residents a new digital tour featuring many of the region's historical, natural and popular attractions.

The "Explore" tour uses My Smart Journey technology to share a wealth of information (audio, photos, video or text) in public places via a QR code. Users simply scan the code with their phone or tablet to access the various multimedia contents of the points of interest. This gives visitors greater flexibility and autonomy in discovering the various attractions on the territory of the Grand Falls Regional Municipality.

Among the 20 points of interest currently accessible, there are several around the falls and gorge, on Broadway Boulevard and even up to the railway trestle bridge in the Drummond ward.

"With this tour, we want to encourage visitors to wander around in our municipality and out of necessity, to eat in our restaurants, shop at our local businesses and sleep in our lodging accommodations. The tourism industry is a vector of economic development that we want to capitalize on even more, so that Grand Falls becomes a year-round destination," said Mayor Bertrand Beaulieu.

Information on all points of interest is also available on the municipality's website:

This initiative is part of the Tourism Assistance Fund set up by the Atlantic Canada Opportunities Agency to support tourism businesses and organizations in their recovery efforts following the pandemic. The Grand Falls Regional Municipality received nearly $30,000 in financial support from ACOA to set up this digital circuit and revitalize its tourism signage.

A total of 22 signs have been strategically placed along the municipality's main streets and arteries, to provide clear, effective signage. The new signs, with their reflective lettering and icons, will be easily visible to motorists by day and night, and will provide better orientation of attractions on the territory of the Grand Falls Regional Municipality.


Info and interview requests:

France Le Moignan, Economic Development & Marketing Director


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