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Grand Falls Regional Municipality Adopts its 2024 Budget

Budget Grand-Sault/Falls 2024

GRAND FALLS, December 14, 2023 - At last night's monthly public meeting, the Municipal Council of the Grand Falls Regional Municipality adopted their operating budgets for 2024, which total $21.5 million, including $18.8 million in the general fund and $2.7 million in the water and sewer fund.


In all neighbourhoods of the Grand Falls Regional Municipality, the tax rate increase will be 5¢ per 100$ of assessment, representing a $100 increase for a home valued at $200,000. Residents served by the water and sewer systems in Grand Falls and Drummond neighbourhoods will also see their annual bill increase by $54 and $78 respectively.


"The 2024 budget we adopted yesterday emphasizes the need for prudence and rigor to face current economic challenges and those brought by municipal reform. Unfortunately, we are not spared from rate increases in all sectors of activity. We have prepared our 2024 budget while remaining realistic about taxpayers' ability to pay and the projects we wish to accomplish," shared Bertrand Beaulieu, Mayor of the Grand Falls the Regional Municipality.


"These tax rates will enable us to offer the same quality of essential services without delaying the pace of investment required to keep our infrastructure in good condition. The municipal council has made some difficult decisions, but they are crucial to the future prosperity of our municipality," added Mayor Beaulieu.


This operating budget is based on responsible choices guided by visionary strategic planning, which will be presented in the new year. Several community-building projects lie ahead in 2024, including the establishment of a new municipal land use plan and its public consultations, which will more concretely mark the start of the coming year.




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