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Address the Council

The Grand Falls Regional Municipality recognizes the importance of citizen participation in the decision-making process and encourages residents to participate in Council meetings. Those interested can attend on site or via the Municipality Facebook page. Refer to municipal calendar  to know the date of the next meeting.

Things to keep in mind

​For all procedures applicable to meetings of the Grand Falls Municipal Council, please conseul By-Law C-1 Amendment 2023-001.

  • Anyone wishing to ask a question must provide their name.

  • Questions must be addressed to the Council as a whole.

  • Every delegation, association, group, or otherwishing to be heard by the Council at a regular meeting shall have made an appointment with the clerk at least three (3) business days before the meeting.

    • Delegations, association or other will dispose of a maximum of ten (10) minutes to address Council unless Council has approved a time extension by majority vote.​

  • A resident is entitles to address Council on agenda matters within municipal jurisdiction once (1) on a subject for a maximum of five (5) minutes unless Council has approved otherwise by majority vote. The individual will have the right to one follow-up questions following councol's remarks

  • A resident who wishes to address Council for any question not on the agenda shall forward his question to the municiplaity at least seven (7) days prior to the day of the regulars meeting.

  • Regular Municipal Council meetings are not the appropriate venue for lodging complaints against municipal employees. Complaints should be submitted in writing to the Chief Administrative Officer.

Process for submitting a question

In person

Once the agenda item, Public Intervention,  is reached the Mayor will invite you to ask your question. The meetings are held in the Council Room of the municipal building located at 131 Pleasant Street in Grand Falls.

By telephone

Leave  voiciemail at 506.475.7777. Make sure to state your name, address and a telephone number where you can be reached before asking your question.

Via the Web

Fill out the request form on our website or write

  • Note that the Municipality reserves the right to refuse a question that do not follow the guidelines provided above.

  • Your question may be reworded when read at the meeting, but its meaning will not be changed.

  • The Municipality cannot guarantee that questions submitted too close to the start of a meeting will be read that evening.

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