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Portage Road
Improvement Project

The Grand Falls Regional Municipality will be undertaking major work on part of Portage Road. The scope of the work will involve a complete excavation of the roadway, to remove and replace water, sanitary and storm sewer pipes. Please be advised that on Monday, May 27, 2024, Portage Road will be closed to traffic for the duration of the work. For all other traffic in the area, please use the following detours:

On this page, you will find public notices related to this specific project, as well as other general information on the temporary measures put in place to ensure the smooth progress of the work.

For any questions or comments related specifically to the "Portage Road Improvement Project", please contact the municipal team at the following coordinates:

  • Monday to Thursday (7:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.) and Friday (7:30 a.m. to 11 a.m.): 506-475-7763

  • After hours in case of emergency: 506-475-7762



To ensure the smooth running of the project and minimize the impact on local residents during this major work, the project will be carried out in several phases

Les phases du projet de la rue Portage

Detour Plan

The part of Portage Road affected by the project will be closed to traffic for the duration of the work. Only residents and local deliveries to businesses will be allowed to circulate in the work zone. For all other traffic in the area, please use the following detours:


  • Heavy  vehicule traffic will have to take exit 79 towards New Brunswick 218/US-1A/Boul Evérard - Daigle Blvd and take Éverard-Daigle Blvd to get to downtown Grand Falls.

  • Local traffic will have to use Old Stage and Harley Hill streets to bypass the work zone.

Plan des détours - Projet chemin Portage Grand-Sault

FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

1. How long will the work last?

Work is scheduled to start on May 27 and continue into the autumn, assuming no unforeseen circumstances arise along the way.

2. I don't live in the construction zone. Can I drive on Portage Road?

No, you cannot use Portage Road for the duration of the work. You must take the detour on Old Satge and Harley Hill streets.

3. What detour should heavy goods vehicles take?
Trucks will have to take Exit 79 to New Brunswick 218/US-1A/Boul Éverard - Daigle Blvd and use Éverard-Daigle Blvd. to get to downtown Grand Falls.

*Deliveries to GOW Group Inc. will be able to access the site, as it is not located in the work zone,



Residents living in the work zone

1. . Will I have access to drinking water?

A temporary water line will be installed on your property, so that you have access to drinking water for the duration of the work.


***IMPORTANT – It is essential that you do not touch or change the location of this temporary water line yourself, as this could lead to a break and consequently a stoppage in water service for the entire neighbourhood. If you need to move the temporary line, please call 506-475-7763 immediately.


2. Will there be any interruptions to the water service during the work?

There will be planned interruptions between 10 a.m. and for a maximum of 3 hours. Unexpected circumstances may arise and cause deviations from these guidelines.


3. Do I have to boil my water before drinking it

No, it is not necessary to boil your water before consumption. If a boil water advisory is in effect, you will receive a notice on the door of your residence

4. Will I be able to access my home with my vehicle during the work?

Yes, you will be able to access your home with your vehicle for the duration of the work, except when the excavation is in front of your home. At that time, you will be advised where you can park your vehicle.

5. What should I do if my property is damaged during construction?

The municipality's consulting firm has surveyed all properties, took photos, and documented current conditions. If any damage occurs and is not rectified by the end of the work, please inform the municipality.

6. What do I do on garbage and recycling collection days?

Bring your bins as close as possible to the work area, and employees will take your bins to the area designated by Northwest Sanitation. The Municipality will provide you with labels to identify your bins. The collection schedule remains the same.


7. Will I have access to my mailbox (Canada Post)?

If your mailbox is normally located on the site opposite the fire station, the boxes will be moved to the corner of Pirie Street for the duration of the work.

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