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Coco (Carole) Belliveau and Mariette Lafrance named Community Grandioses

Les Grandioses communautaires de Grand-Sault

GRAND FALLS, June 19th, 2024 – The Council of the Grand Falls Regional Municipality unveiled at its monthly public meeting two new Community Grandioses, Coco (Carole) Belliveau et Mariette Lafrance.


Coco (Carole) Belliveau - Ambassador

With a multi-faceted career in comedy, rap and social advocacy. Her versatility as an artist is evident in her ability to blend humor, rap and insightful social commentary, always striving to be a catalyst for social change. Coco Belliveau's resilience and determination were on full display when she took part in the "Big Brother Celebrity" reality show in 2023. As the first Acadian contestant and a person with autism, Coco navigated over 12 weeks the show's physical, mental and social challenges, displaying remarkable strength and shattering stereotypes about autism. Coco Belliveau embodies the spirit of the Grand Falls Regional Municipality with her creativity, resilience and dedication to making the world a better place. She is a role model for aspiring artists and activists

Grandiose Grand-Sault - Coco Belliveau

 Mariette Lafrance - Volunteer

During her 38-year career, Mariette Lafrance not only devoted herself to her patients as a nurse, she also took care of her community, and continues to do so to this day through her volunteer work with a number of community organizations. Although now retired, Mariette Lafrance's schedule has never been busier. She devotes her volunteer time to organizations such as the Nouvel Envol program, the board of directors of the Villa des Chutes de Grand-Sault, the Foundation of the Friends Grand Falls General Hospital, the Filles d'Isabelle de Saint-André (Cercle 1283), the Canadian Red Cross, the Eat Fresh Northwest program and her parish church. It goes without saying that Mariette Lafrance is a respected and passionate figure in the community, and the Grand Falls Regional Municipality is privileged to benefit from her passion for helping others.

Grandioses communautaires Grand-Sault- Mariette Lafrance

The community is invited to submit nominations by completing the nomination form available on the municipality's website at:





Infos et demandes d’entrevues :

France Le Moignan, Directrice développement économique et marketing


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