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Grand Falls Recognizes its First Community Grandioses

Les Grandioses communautaires de Grand-Sault

GRAND FALLS, February 22, 2024 – The Council of the Grand Falls Regional Municipality unveiled at its monthly public meeting its first two Community Grandioses, Madeleine Leclerc and Eric Ouellette.


"We are very pleased to have recognized the achievements and commitment of our first Grandioses citizens, who are true leaders in our community. In their own way, they give of their time and passion for the benefit of their fellow citizens and for the development of our municipality," said Bertrand Beaulieu, Mayor of the Grand Falls Regional Municipality.


Madeleine Leclerc - Volunteer

Madeleine Leclerc has made a significant contribution to our community for over 40 years as an editor, journalist, photographer, and translator in the print media. Her dedication to volunteering with organizations such as Mad-Vic Crime Stoppers, Literacy, the Food Bank, and the Historical Society demonstrates a strong commitment to exerting a positive influence on people. Her leadership skills have enabled her to occupy several key roles within various organizations. To this day, she is President of the Grand Falls Historical Society and Secretary-Treasurer of the Grand Falls Regional Food Bank.

Grandioses communautaire - Madeleine Leclerc


Eric Ouellette - Ambassador

For many years, Eric Ouellette has contributed to the development of our community and our tourism industry through his business Zip-Zag, which offers visitors a unique experience of our falls and gorge. Eric Ouellette, a citizen with a thousand and one ideas, recently surpassed his own Guinness World Record for the largest ice dome at the renowned Québec Winter Carnival. A leader with a rallying spirit, Eric led a team of 12 volunteers from the region in the realization of this operation, which thanks to his vision quickly became a community success that contributed to Grand Falls' reputation.

Grandioses comuunautaires - Eric Ouellette

At each monthly meeting, new Community Grandioses will be named. A ceremony for all nominees is planned for April as part of Volunteer Week.  The community is invited to submit nominations by completing the nomination form available on the municipality's website at:



Info and interview requests:

France Le Moignan, Economic Development & Marketing Director

(506) 740-1773 - 


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