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Strategic Planning 2023-2027: Excellent Citizen Participation!

GRAND FALLS, September 26th, 2023 – The Grand Falls Regional Municipality has just reached an important milestone in its 2023-2027 strategic planning process, as it has just completed the phase of its public consultations and targeted one with certain groups. A total of 187 people attended face-to-face consultations and 140 people via the online portal who expressed their views on their vision and aspirations for their new Municipality.

"We are delighted that citizens responded to our call and took the time to share their ideas and concerns with us, so that together we can work to improve the quality of life for all," says Bertrand Beaulieu, Mayor of the Grand Falls Regional Municipality.

"This strategic planning will form the core of the development and consolidation initiatives of our new municipal entity. For us, as a Council, citizen participation is essential at this stage, as our decisions will have an impact for years to come, and we want citizens to feel that they have been listened to and have been involved in this process. Thanks to everyone who participated," added Mayor Beaulieu.

The community still has the opportunity to express their opinion until September 30th,by taking part in the online survey, or by sharing a project idea via the online portal accessible at :

The strategic planning exercise is carried out in three major stages. The first is the diagnostic phase, which ended last week with public consultations. Now it's the Council's turn to consider the actions required to achieve the vision of community and administrative development. Finally, the strategic plan will be adopted by the municipal council later this fall.


Info and interview requests:

France Le Moignan, Economic Development & Marketing Director


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