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The Grand Falls Regional Municipality Unveils its Corporate Branding

It was with great excitement and enthusiasm that the Grand Falls Regional Municipality unveiled its visual identity this morning.

“We are proud of this brand, which is perfectly aligned with the development vision of the Grand Falls Regional Municipality, but more importantly, is inspired by our community. We wanted to stand out, demonstrate novelty and make a difference with this authentic logo that reflects our values.” , shared Mayor Bertrand Beaulieu.

Developed by Productions Rouj, a graphic design and branding agency, this logo expresses the unity, the cohesion, and the vision of the new municipality. The "D" formed by a semicircle represents the dynamic character of the people of the region, innovation, open spaces, and quality of life. The slash represents the falls, tourism, prosperity, and the economy.

The logo stands out for its freshness, its attractive strength and its great simplicity. It is easy to read, and its graphic style ensures a long-term image for the Grand Falls Regional Municipality. This logo is a pure and simple brand that will pass through time.

The establishment of a corporate brand for the new municipality is part of its strategic planning. The goal of the branding is not only to create a unifying link between the various neighbourhoods, but also to position the Grand Falls Regional Municipality as a destination where it is good to live, work, do business and come on vacation.

"The municipality sends hundreds of messages each year and acts in all spheres of society. This brand will allow us to synchronize in a coherent way our communication and promotion actions in the community and outside. Let's be proud of this image that will allow us to shine at our full potential," explained Mayor Beaulieu.

In the upcoming weeks and months, the new corporate brand will gradually take its place on our various communication tools, as well as on several infrastructures and equipment of the municipality.


Info and interview requests:

France Le Moignan, Economic Development & Marketing Director


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