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The Grand Falls Regional Municipality is embarking on an exciting and unprecedented research project with other Business Improvement Districts throughout Atlantic Canada.  The purpose of this regional project – which is being spear-headed by Downtowns Atlantic Canada – is to demonstrate the remarkable value which downtowns and main streets have for the communities in which they are located.  We are asking every business and property owner in our business district to help us by answering a set of questions about your business.

We are asking every business owner in our business district to help us by completing a set of questions which constitute a quick census. 

This work will provide a valuable data base and profile of our downtown which can be used for marketing and communications, but also as a reference point to compare and contrast with other Atlantic downtowns and main streets.  Your answers will remain confidential, but they will be anonymously compiled with all others to provide us with valuable information in evaluating how we continue to do our very best to support you as our downtown business community!  

The census takes 10 to 15 minutes to complete.

Business Census

1. What is the name of your business or organization?

2.  Civic address of your business/organization

2.1  If this address is a comprised of residences or is partial RESIDENTIAL USE, please indicate the number of units and in the case of exclusively residential buildings, please indicate the name & contact information of the owner and/or manager.  

3.  Surname and first name of the owner and manager of the business:

4. How many years have you been in business?

5. How many years have you been located downtown?

6. What type of business is it?

Select the appropriate category:

7. Please identify the nature of ownership of this business:

Select the category that corresponds

8. How many employees do you have?

9. Do you own or rent the building where your business/organization is located?

Select the category that corresponds

10. If you are a tenant, could you please provide us with the contact information of the owner of your building?

11. Entrepreneurs have faced several challenges over the past two years. What do you think is the biggest challenge you face as an entrepreneur or manager?

12. Are there elements, as a Municipality and Downtown association, on which we could support you to meet these challenges?

13. What do you think should be our priority as a Municipality and Downrown association, in order to serve and support as many businesses as possible within our community?

14. Demographics

You identify yourself as:

Thank you for your participation!

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